Monday, October 1, 2012

On the Eve of 2K13

Hey Peeps,

With this being the Eve of the 2K13 release, I thought it would only be proper to drop by and let you know what has me most pumped about the game...

1) Ready to see Jay's influence on the game: Jay-Z was the Executive Producer on this joint. I figure that's good for a bit more NY flavor on the game's soundtrack.  And who knows, maybe there's even an unreleased Jay joint. Before you ask, no, I'm not from NY.  I just love NY music. Plus, I'm thorough in any Borrough, kid. Wordlife.

2) The BobCats new Uni's: Shot out to MJ for correcting a travesty. 'Nuff said.  Let's hope the new uniforms, along with first time NBA Head coach, Mike Dunlap, can change the culture of this perrenial loser. 

3) Brooklyn's home court: Man, would you believe some people have come out and called the Brooklyn Net home court too urban? Yeah, they have. Either way though, this is easily the best court in the NBA. It may have that new factor working for it, but I like the color scheme.  Kinda gritty.

4) Real rookies: Oh my effin Deity, anybody who copped the last 2K version like I did, was probably as overtly pissed as I was that the only rookie that had a real face was Ricky Rubio. I mean, the announcers talked freely about the players, but it sucked being in year four of Association with all created player faces. Totally yag, man.

5) The above was a seamless segway into my final reason of why I am pumped. And that's none other than I get to start my Association tonight.  That's right, the game mode where you have control over everything in the entire franchise for 20 years!!!! From coaching, staff, scouting and drafting, development and playing time, and then actually playing the games - all under your control.  You get to control the destiny of your franchise! Two things I hope they bring back though: One, the ability to be fired by the Owner and secondly, the ability to promote assistant coaches to head coaches.  With Owners firing GM's, I think you last saw this on 2K9.  If the Owner didn't like your body of work, they could fire you - and you would be forced to GM for another franchise.  Secondly, why can't assistant coaches get a promotion in the game. I hope they did the right thing, and just labeled everyone a coach, and allow the user to plug them into their roles. 

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